The Independent Producers Association of Lithuania was established in 1996 by industry professionals with the purpose to represent, protect and promote the interests of Lithuanian film and television producers.

The experience of NPA members encompasses feature films, documentaries, short films, animation,  TV series and TV movies.   The NPA works closely with other industry bodies to provide strong support to its membership and takes an active role in negotiations for new industry legislation and agreements.


The Objectives of NPA:


  • Unite independent film and television producers, represent and promote their interests;
  • Take an active role in forming the national film policy;
  • Promote the development of Lithuanian film industry;
  • Lobby and campaign Government in partnership with other industry bodies on issues which may impact on the competitiveness of Lithuanian film industry;
  • Inform and advise members on all current legal, financial and fiscal developments locally and abroad;
  • Protect film heritage.


The Tasks of NPA:


  • Represent and promote the interests of film and television producers;
  • Provide comprehensive information about the Lithuanian film industry;
  • Promote the Lithuanian film industry home and abroad;
  • Cooperate with other institutions preparing new industry legislation and agreements;
  • Deliver and support all training initiatives for industry professionals;
  • Improve work ethics and professionalism;
  • Maintain contact with media representatives in Lithuania and abroad.