Kęstutis Drazdauskas was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1970, studied and graduated from the University of Vilnius, MA in English language and literature in 1994.

He started in film industry as an Assistant Director in 1995. Kęstutis started producing in 1998 and since then has become one of the most active film producers in Lithuania. In 2003 he founded his own production company ARTBOX, which has produced a number of short films and features, as well as several hundred TV commercials. The short film „White on Blue“, which Kęstutis produced, was shortlisted as best European short at Les Lutins, France in 2004. This film was participant of Venice film festival and won best soundtrack award in Clermont Ferrand festival.

Apart from being a producer Kęstutis is also a businessman. He has co-founded several companies which work in different areas of film industry, like Cinevera (lighting and grip) with branches in Vilnius and Riga, Cineskope (camera rental), CineFX (costumes, props and sets), Kino komanda (visual postproduction), etc.

He was the mastermind behind the establishment of Vilnius Film Cluster, which at present unites 3 production companies and 6 film service companies.

Kęstutis is a member of the board of Lithuanian Independent Producers Association and a member of National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries.

In 2012 he produced 2 feature films – “Letters to Sofia” (Lithuania/UK/Russia) and “Santa” (Lithuania/Finland) as well as feature length documentary “Elegy For Honey and Tar”.

At the moment he is developing  3 feature films – ,,Saula”, ,,The Visitor”, ,,Solo” and feature length animation  ,,Gruenwald”.

E-mail: kestas@artbox.lt / Phone: +37068713078




SANTA (2013), feature, 100 min., DCP
Director   Marius Ivaškevičius
Script Writer  Marius Ivaškevičius
Production Company ARTBOX (Lithuania)
Co- production Company  Oktober Oy , Cineworks Oy (Finland)


Letters to Sofia  (2013), feature, 130 min., DCP
Director    Robert Mullan
Script Writer   Robert Mullan
Production Company  Gizmo films (United Kingdom)
Co- production Company  ARTBOX  (Lithuania)


An Elegy for Honey and Tar  (2013), documentary, 70 min., DCP
Director    Alicija Žukauskaitė
Script Writer   Alicija Žukauskaitė
Production Company   ARTBOX (Lithuania)


God‘s got his head in the clouds  (2012), feature, 14 min., DCP,video
Director   Gianluca Sodaro
Script Writer    Gianluca Sodaro
Production Company   ARTBOX (Lithuania)
Co-production company   Bedeschi Film (Italija)


Rendezvous  (2011), feature, 13 min., Red one Cam, video
Director    Simonas Gylis
Script Writer    Simonas Gylis, Vaiva Lešinskaitė
Production Company   ARTBOX (Lithuania)


Our Father  (2010), feature, 28 min., DCP, video
Director    Marius Ivaškevičius
Script Writer     Marius Ivaškevičius
Production Company  ARTBOX (Lithuania)


It Would Be Splendid, yet… (2009), feature, 28 min., DCP, video
Director    Lina Lužytė 
Script Writer   Lina Lužytė
Production Company  ARTBOX (Lithuania)
Co- production Company  Lithuanian Music and Theater academy  (Lithuania)


My Father (2007), feature, 21 min., BETA Cam , video
Director   Marius Ivaškevičius     
Script Writer   Marius Ivaškevičius
Production Company  ARTBOX (Lithuania)


Dancing Worm  (2007), feature, 20 min., 35mm, video
Director    Ignas Jonynas      
Script Writer     Ignas Jonynas
Production Company  ARTBOX (Lithuania)


Diring  (2006), feature, 95 min., 35mm, video
Director    Ignas Miškinis     
Script Writer     Mantas Gimžauskas, Ignas Miškinis
Production company  ARTBOX (Lithuania)


White on Blue  (2004), feature, 20 min., 35mm, video
Director    Ramūnas Greičius   
Script Writer       Ramūnas Greičius
Production Company  Cinevera (Lithuania)


Sunday As It Is   (2003), feature, 31 min., 35mm, video
Director    Ignas Jonynas    
Script Writer      Ignas Jonynas
Production Company  Cinevera (Lithuania)