Gabija Siurbytė – films and commercials producer, actress. Gabija studied and graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University where she gain BA of business management. Her acting ability was trained in New York, New York Film Academy (NYFA). In 2002 she measure with cinema for the first time. Until 2006, Gabija had worked as a second assistant director in projects developed by Canadians, Germans, French, Swedes and others.
In 2008 together with director Ernestas Jankauskas, Gabija founded production company “Dansu” and since then she is the head of company. During that time, as managing director of production house she lead more than 50 successful commercials and some short length films.
As a producer Gabija worked with Swedish film “Kronjuvelerna”, in pre-production stage “That’s why they hate us”. At this moment Gabija is working with another Swedish film “Gentelmen and Gangsters”.
E-mail: / phone.: +370 698 14141




Gentlemen (2014), 120 min.
Director Mikael Marcimain
Script Klas Ostergren
Production Company B-reel
Producer Fredrik Heinig, Johannes Ahlunnd (Sweden)
Co-production Company St. Paul Film, Sveriges Television


The Queen of England stole my parents (2014), short , 30 min.
Director Ernestas Jankauskas
Script Gabija Siurbyte, Birute Kapustinskaite
Production Company Dansu Films (Lithuania)
Producer Gabija Siurbyte (Lithuania)


The Crown Jewels (2011), feature, 120 min., video
Director Ella Lemhagen
Script Carina Dahl, Ella Lemhagen
Production Company Filmlance International
Producers Lars Blomgren, Tomas Michaelsson


The Drifters (In pre-proiduction), feature, 90 min.,
Director Jonas Trukanas
Script Lewis Britnel
Production Company Dansu films
Producer Gabija Siurbyte (Lithuania)