Drama, 96 min, HD

Director Irma Pužauskaitė

Scriptwriter Eglė Vertelytė

Production Designer Ramūnas Rastauskas

DOP Jacek Podgorski

Composer Domas Strupinskas

Producer Lukas Trimonis

The Main Cast Valentinas Novopolskis, Gerda Čiuraitė, Angelina Daukaitė, Marius Repšys

Production company INSCRIPT, Lithuania

Funds Lithuania Film Centre, Lithuania

The Beginning of shooting 2020, September


Linas is slowly recovering from a long addiction. Eve, his teenage daughter who just moved in with him, hides her teenage angst with a growing passion for music. Her best friend Maya is looking for her first big love story. When the relationship between these three lost souls turns too intimate, traditional roles get mixed up and each of them has to face the very issues they have buried for too long.