Documentary,  30  min., HD 

Directors   Martina  Jablonskytė, Uosis Gelucevičius

Production Company   Ketvirta Versija,

Concept events & media

Producer  Teresa Rožanovska

DOP    Audrius Kemežys, Martina Jablonskytė

Editor    Martina Jablonskytė

Expected Premier:  autumn, 2013



I ran away from the city into the country. And then, I was running away even further, abroad.

Neighbours were talking, and newspapers reported – about the „better“ life abroad. What do those neighbours know about the “better“ life  and what do the newspapers have in common with life…

Now I don‘t know anymore what I was looking for then, what bird I was chasing…

I feel it is time to return and begin my story, which I will tell you my son, when you grow up. And now, „shshsh“… it is time to lay an egg…