Documentary, 62 min

Director Linas Mikuta

Scriptwriter Linas Mikuta

DOP Kristina Sereikaitė, Adomas Jablonskis

Composer Donatas Bielkauskas

Producer Jurga Gluskinienė

Production company Monoklis (Lithuania)


It is a story about the sculptor Antanas Mončys, his works and courage to stay true to himself. Even though he created and lived outside his homeland, he remained faithful to his native land and the Lithuanian worldview that he brought with him. “Lithuania carved and Paris polished me. Art has no borders. But art has a nationality,” Mončys used to say. By ignoring fashionable Parisian artistic trends and choosing to walk his own path, Mončys finally spoke up to Westerners in the spirit of the Lithuanian Pensive Christ. Open and receptive to other cultures and, at the same time, not forgetting his own, fostering and supplementing it, the sculptor started the creative dialogue with the world.