Documentary, 60  min., HD 

Director  Andrius Seliuta

Production Company  Ketvirta Versija,

Friends Production ( Lithuania)

Script Writer  Andrius Seliuta

Producer  Teresa Rožanovska

DOP   Andrius Seliuta

Editor   Jonas Tertelis, Andrius Seliuta

Composer  Giedrius Puskunigis

Expected premier: autumn, 2013 



The project of a documentary “Gintaras Varnas” states the artistic aspects belonging to one of the most talented artists of the middle-aged generation. GintarasVarnas – is known as a rebellious, unconventional drama creator. His performances range from the famous Puppets Theater ideologies to the genre of the opera. G. Varnas’s creativity can not be underestimated, unnoticed. Only in this theatre director’s performances his creative identity traces can be identified, dealing with the present public concerns, the issues’ occurrences and their resolutions.