Drama, 100 min, HD

Director Austėja Urbaitė

Scripwriter Austėja Urbaitė

DOP Julius Sičiūnas

Production designer Jurga Gerdvilaitė

Producer Živilė Gallego

Co-producer Murielle Thierrin

Production company Fralita Films (Lithuania)

Co-production company Aldabra Films (France)

Funds Lithuania Film Centre, Creative Europe MEDIA

Main Cast Dovilė Kundrotaitė

The Beginning of Shooting 2018 Autumn


A French couple – Jacqueline (50) and Leon (37) – adopt Lithuanian children Paulina (10) and Rokas (9). In order to help the children adapt to their new environment, a medical student named Gabrielė (22) comes from Lithuania to join them for the summer. For her it is a chance to briefly get away from her life, where she feels imprisoned. The relationship with the children gives her an opportunity to rediscover herself in a bright light, while her resistance to the parents’ methods of upbringing – in a dark light.
Instead of helping the children create a life, the two women, full of maternal feelings, start an outright war for the children’s affection.