Documentary, HD

Petras Pienauskas

Director Aleksandras Matonis

Production Companies Film Jam (Lithuania), Baltic productions (Lithuania)

Producers Stasys Baltakis, Juozas Matonis

Funds Lithuanian companies and sponsors

Cast Vygantas Vadelsa, Justas Valinskas, Giedrius Tamosevicius, Marius Petrulaitis, Lukas Nasickas, Vidas Kerulis, Linas Busauskas, Giedrius Paulauskas

Scriptwriter Aleksandras Matonis

DOP Rolandas Leonavičius

The Beginning of Shooting 2014, July

Photo Petras Pienauskas


16th of May, 1945 – one of few partisan resistance battles against NKVD (People’s Commisariat of Internal Affairs – Secret Soviet Police) military forces occurred in a forest of Kalniskes, Lazdijai district. Whilst bivouacking in the forest, the partisans of Karvelis and Lakunas units were forced to stand in a fight against a significantly larger rival army.

The extent that occupants went into in order to find and punish the participants of this battle speaks of its significance. It was the first serious attempt to stand against NKVD.