Zivile Gallego has received MA degree in European Affaires Management at South Bank University, London and Leonardo da Vinci University, Paris. She took filmmaking course at New York Film Academy branch in Los Angeles.

Since 2004 she worked as producer at Lithuanian Film Studios, where she was involved with several foreign productions and also co-produced two Lithuanian feature films „Whisper of Sin“, directed by Algimantas Puipa and „Loss“, directed by Maris Martinsons.

In 2009 Zivile Gallego has established her own production company Fralita Films, where she is currently working with feature and documentary films production. In 2015, Fralita Films celebrated Alante Kavaité’s Best Director award for “The Summer of Sangaile” (co-production with France and The Netherlands) at the Sundance Film Festival. Currently in the festival circuit is the anima-doc “The Man Who Knew 75 Languages” by Anne Magnussen and Pawel Debski (co-production with Norway and Poland), along with Donatas Ulvydas‘ drama „Emilia. Breaking Free» which enjoyed a very successful run in the national box office.

Graduate of EAVE 2011 and ESoDoc 2017, Zivile Gallego is also a member of European Film Academy (EFA) , Lithuanian Film Academy, European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA).


E-mail: zivile.gallego@fralita.com / Phone.: +370 643 30022




Family (2022), drama, 100min, HD

Director Austėja Urbaitė

Scriptwriter Austėja Urbaitė

Production companies Fralita Films (Lietuva), LRT (Lietuva)


Butterfly’s Heart (2021) film for children and family, 90min, HD

Director Inesa Kurklietytė

Scriptwriters Modesta Jurgaitytė, Inesa Kurklietytė

Production companies Fralita Films (Lithuania), LRT (Lithuania)


My Lady of the Camelia (2019), comedy, 15min, HD

Director Edouard Montoute

Scriptwriter Edouard Montoute

Production companies Aldabra Films (France), Fralita Films (Lithuania).


Emilia. Breaking Free (2017), drama, 122 min, HD
Director Donatas Ulvydas
Scriptwriter Jonas Banys
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania), Ulvyds (Lithuania)
Co-production Company LRT (Lithuania)


The Man who knew 75 languages (2016), docu-animation, 60 min., HD
Directors: Anne Magnussen, Pawel Debski
Script writers: Anne Magnussen, Leiv Igor Devold
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania)
Co-production Companies Embla Film AS (Norway), Fumi Studio (Poland)


The Summer of Sangaile (2015), feature, 88min., HD
Director  Alantė Kavaitė
Script  writer Alantė Kavaitė
Production Company  Fralita Films (Lietuva)
Co-production companies Les Films d’Antoine (France), Viking Films (Netherlands)


Name in the Dark (2013), feature, 97 min., HD
Director Agne Marcinkeviciute
Script writer Agne Marcinkeviciute, based on Renata Serelyte’s novel
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania)


2 Cups of Yogurt (2011), feature, 30 min., HD
Director  Audrius Mickevičius
Script Writer Audrius Mickevičius
Production Company Fralita Films (Lietuva)


Journey through Lithuania(2010), documentary, 75 min., HDV
Director Vaidotas Digimas
Script Writers David Ellis, Vaidotas Digimas, Živilė Gallego
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania)


 7 Sins (2010), documentary, 60 min., RED
Director Kristina Inčiūraitė
Script Writer Kristina Inčiūraitė
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania)


Dance in the Desert  (2009), documentary, 70 min., HDV
Director Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė
Script Writer Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė
Production Company Fralita Films (Lithuania)


Loss(2008), feature, 96 min., 35 mm,
Director Maris Martinsons
Script Writers  Maris Martinsons, Raimondas Paškevičius
Production Company ART&A (Lithuania)
Co-production Companies Lithuanian Film Studio (Lithuania), Good dog films (Ireland)


Whisper of Sin (2007), feature, 90 min., 35 mm
Director  Algimantas Puipa
Script Writers   Algimantas Puipa, Jurga Ivanauskaitė
Production Company  Studio Uljana Kim (Lithuania)
Co-production Company Lithuanian Film Studio (Lithuania)