Gary Tuck is the in-house producer and managing director of Baltic Film Services.  Over the course of a 35-year career in the motion picture and television industry he has worked as a producer, line producer, completion bond representative and first assistant director.


Prior to establishing Baltic Film Services he was based in London and worked on over 40 feature films, mini-series, television drama serials and series.   He has location experience in 19 countries on 4 continents.

At Baltic Film Services he has supervised over 20 international productions as a producer or line producer.

Tuck is a UK/US passport holder and Lithuanian resident; a member of the Production Guild of Great Britain; former three times Chairman of the Production Managers Association UK and a member of the Independent Producers Association of Lithuania.

He is completion bond approved by Film Finances, CineFinance and International Film Guarantors.

He is fully conversant with Movie Magic Budgeting™ and Movie Magic Scheduling™ and General Accounting Procedures for film.

E-mail:  / Tel.:  +37069910484




Curiosity: What Sank Titanic (2011), drama doc, 85 min., HD
Director   Richard Dale
Script Writer   Graham Booth
Production Companies  Dangerous Films (Canada), Handel Productions (United Kingdom), Baltic Film Services (Latvia)
Koprodiuserinės kompanijos  Discovery (USA), France 2 (France), SAT 1 (Germany).


Defiance  (2008), feature, 131 min., 35 mm
Director     Edward Zwick
Script Writer   Edward Zwick, Clayton Frohman
Production Company     Bedford Falls, Grosvernor Park (USA)


Wallis & Edward   (2006), feature, 94 min., 16 mm
Director    David Moore
Script Writer    Sarah Williams
Production Company   Company Pictures Ltd (United Kingdom)


Elizabeth I (2005) feature, 223 min., 35mm
Director   Tom Hooper
Script Writer   Nigel Williams
Production Company   Company Pictures Ltd (UK)
Co-production Company  HBO Pictures (USA)


Shadows in the Sun  (2005), feature, 100 min., 35mm
Director     Brad Mirman
Script Writer      Brad Mirman
Production Company    Studio Eight (UK),  Movieweb s.p.a.(Italy)
Co-production Company    Backup Films (France), PeaceArch (Canada)


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde  (2003), feature, 93 min., 35mm
Director    Martyn Hesford   
Script Writer  Brad Mirman
Production Company   Clerkenwell Films, Working Title Films (UK)
Co-production Company Universal Television (USA)


The Heart of Me   (2002), feature, 96 min., 35mm
Director  Thaddeus O’Sullivan    
Script Writer  Lucinda Coxon
Production Company   Martin Pope Productions, BBC Films  (UK)
Co-production Company  Pandora Filmproduktion (Germany)


Global Heresy  (2002), feature, 102 min., 35mm
Director   Sidney J Furie    
Script Writer   Mark Mills
Production Company     Ultimate Pictures  (UK)
Co-production Company    GFT Entertainment (Canada)


Close Your Eyes   (2002), feature, 108 min., 35mm
Director  Nick Willing    
Script Writer   Nick Willing, William Brookfield
Production Company    Kismet Film Company, BBC Films   (UK)